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Beginner Course

You did it! You got yourself a fancy camera. Not only did your brand-new DSLR or mirrorless camera come with lots of buttons and dials, you may also be able to swap lenses. But, not knowing where to start with all these options, you have settled for using the camera on automatic mode and you are starting to get frustrated because the photos don't come out the way you pictured them.

If this is you, then maybe it is time to learn how to take control of your camera.

This beginner’s course consists of a series of five mornings (and a little extra at the end). You will

learn everything you need to know to use your camera in manual mode, while also covering composition, different shooting styles and so much more.

For more information or to book your spot, just send me a message. It is also possible to offer a workshop voucher. 


I’ve always had a passion with photography but have always been discouraged by the photos I took. Elodie has helped me bring it to another level and has given me my confidence back in taking photos. I still have a lot to learn but through her course, she gave me the boost that I needed to continue my passion. Even though I finished the beginners’ course with her last year, she continues to give me the support, encouragement and constructive feedback on the photos I take. Thank you, Elodie!!



My 'new' camera had been dusting for the last 6 months... me unable to understand the features and possibilities! I suddenly saw the light at the end of the tunnel thanks to Elodie's classes, so MERCI for transmitting your knowledge in such a simple, reachable and understandable way together with your extreme patience and guidance! Now I can keep discovering this amazing world since you gave us the basic & magical rules 



My dear Elodie, and I thought I could take pictures:-) After I did the beginner class with you I discovered a totally new universe of possibilities, perspectives and ideas to take one picture. I know how to use my camera and how to take a picture in almost any environment, with lots of light or without. Love capturing the moments I want and playing with different angles, shapes and motifs. And it is not a rocket science 😁 
Thanks for your patience, devotion and example of excellence. 
From now on: only manual mode, no filter, no adjustments.


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