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Teen Course

This workshop is open to children in Secondary and High School with an interest in photography, visual art and art in general.


During the 3 sessions of this course they will learn how to use the different shooting modes and look at different types of composition and photography styles, so they can create a picture that will make them proud and passionate. 


To participate in this workshop they need to have a DSRL or a mirrorless camera.

For more information or to book a spot, just send me a message. Gift vouchers for this workshop are available. 


Since I got a camera the previous Christmas and still did not know how to use it perfectly, I accepted with joy. I didn't expect much from this course, only some basic knowledge like how to focus or how to find a great angle but what I learned was a lot deeper than that. I learned many words which I didn't even know the existence like "aperture" or "ISO". The teacher was really kind and explained everything so well that even if English isn't my mothertongue, I still understood every single part of her class. It is amazing to use other camera modes than the automatic one and to understand them. There is so much more possibilities and trying different data can make a same subject look completely different without moving one bit. I am so happy to have taken this course and I hope to try a higher class soon to learn even more.



1.  I loved the course a lot because everything was explained clearly and we learned a lot of new things. I wouldn't mind if the course was a bit longer so that we could try out the new skills we learned for a bit longer. 

2.  I would love to learn more about photography. 

Thank you!!!!!



The course is very interesting. In three days I learned a lot of things and I had fun discovering photography. There is a lot of informations but we get to practice a lot and Elodie helps us, gives us advice during the whole week. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to start photography.


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