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It's all about you

Why are my Instagram or Facebook pages not flooded with photos of my clients?

It is a legitimate question and you may wonder, why not?

“Your family, your privacy, your photos

The answer is simple; they are not my photos, they are yours.

It is because you hired me that I got to spend some time with you and your family. For me it is an honor to be the one who has the chance to capture your life in all its details, its uniqueness and intimacy .

Does that give me the right to show those moments to the world or to exhibit your life on social media?

My answer is no. You chose me because you trust me and I consider keeping your privacy an important part of my job. So for me, it is up to you to decide if and how you share your photos.

I do not like the idea of showcasing your photos on my social media to sell myself. Instead I hope that you have enjoyed our time together, that you love the photos you received and that you will remember me whenever someone you know is looking for a photographer for a photo shoot. Because in the end, your kind words and recommendations are my biggest reward.

Elodie x

P.S. This website wouldn't have been possible without the consent and kindness of my clients to use their photos. Thank you to all of you.


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