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Happy New Year!

Time for a quick reflection on 2020 - Hope and dreams for 2021.

2020 has been tough, challenging and for some of us extremely hard.

“Family, friendship, love..."

What we learnt from this year is friendship, love, family, compassion, and resilience help us to go through anything.

Thanks to all of you, my clients for making memories with me, and for letting me capture some of the important moments in your life, your love, your emotions, your smiles and your laughs. Thanks to my students for letting me share my passion with you. Thanks to my challenge friends who joined me for the '21 Days Photography Challenge', where together we supported each other everyday during lockdown.

What should we wish for 2021? Health, which seems so fragile at the moment. Hope to be reunited with the ones we missed so dearly. And, more memories of our lives that we will make beautiful.

Thank you a million for being here with me.

Elodie x

P.S. Article about our challenge from the Bambi magazine December issue.


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